To what geographic area do you limit your Social Security Disability Practice?

* While we primarily represent individuals in New England (and primarily, Massachusetts and New Hamphire), we are able to represent claimants nationwide. Please call for a free consultation and we will advise you accordingly.

What is the difference between a Disability Lawyer, and the Social Security “advocates” that I see advertising?

* The simple answer is: one is a qualified lawyer, licensed to practice law, and the other is not. Social Security Law and regulations allow non-attorney “advocates” to represent Social Security claimants. Social Security also requires that all representatives’ fees must be approved by the Administration. While your decision to choose a particular representative should be based upon many factors, including experience, you will find that most “advocates” charge the same contingent fees as you would pay hiring a qualified attorney. Finally, do not expect a non-attorney advocate to be able to render legal advice on such matters as how your benefits may impact your STD, LTD, or workers’ compensation claims.

My LTD insurer has offered to pay for a Social Security advocate if I use the firm of its choice to apply for Social Security Disability benefits. Should I do this?

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