If you have an individual disability ("ID") policy you will generally be in a much better position as a disabled claimant, than those relying upon employer-provided, group plans. More favorable rules will likely apply to your claim.

However, you must still be able to identify all of the potential issues, and know how to deal with them to ensure your claim maintains its value. Is the insurer citing a "misstatement," or pre-existing condition; is it seeking a recission; does it claim that you don't meet the definition of "disability," or claim that you had dual occupations and you are still able to perform one?

This firm represents ID policy claimants both during the claim process, and if necessary, into litigation.

As a general matter, ID policyholders are usually professionals and are often self-employed. We have handled both claims under ID policies, as well as disability claims under office overhead policies for individuals who are:

      • physicians
      • osteopaths
      • chiropractors
      • dentists
      • optometrists
      • attorneys
      • architects
      • insurance agents/brokers
      • court reporters
      • small business owners

Contact us for a free consultation to discuss the issues relevant to your claim.

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